The Benefits of Primer

Foundation primer

You wouldn’t build a house without putting down the foundation…and the same goes for applying makeup! Primer is an essential first step to any makeup routine. This product offers many benefits that can easily be overlooked.

  1. Primer provides a barrier between your skin and the foundation. Clogged pores and potential breakouts are prevented when there is an added layer in between.
  2. It fill in gaps. We are all pores, some larger than others and primer fills in all the imperfections so foundation looks a lot smoother on your face.
  3. It helps the lasting power of foundation. Primer gives the foundation something to adhere to and makes it less likely to rub off throughout your day.
Make sure this step is included in your everyday makeup routine. You can purchase our Moi Primer right here on our website!

by Cyndi Campbell

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